👋 Hi, my name is Dirk Adler.

⚒️ I work at idealo as a team lead in the product & technology department. idealo is one of the leading price comparison platforms in Germany and other European countries. And in case you’re wondering, it’s not a startup anymore - idealo has about 1000 employees.

🪛 I’m klitsche.de when I’m programming for my own clients.

🥏 I sell limited edition frisbees with my own design at wurfscheibe.de. Sorry: sold out!

✒️ I used to write about random stuff on dataloo when blogging was still a thing. By the way, dataloo has its own font.

✨ I contribute to open source projects.

🎨 If you’re curious, you can take a look at some artworks and projects I’ve played around with or simply supported over the years.

🖼️ Find my genart on fxhash, objkt.

💛 Find me on LinkedIn, XING, github, X, genart.social.